ENGLISH - Healthy Cells, Healthy Life

ENGLISH - Healthy Cells, Healthy Life

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In Healthy Cells, Healthy Life, Dr. Robertson Ward (www.theredoxdoc.com) helps you gain an understanding of how aging and illness occur. He empowers you to investigate possibilities for improving your health and perhaps the health of others around you. Redox biochemistry is an emerging field of health science and represents the greatest health breakthrough you have never heard of.  

In Healthy Cells, Healthy Life, you will also learn how:

*The impacts of day-to-day life can destabilize the body’s innate ability to maintain homeostasis (a balanced or stable state) 

*Redox signalling molecules may provide the answer to slowing the aging process and reversing illness 

*Redox biochemistry affects key body systems and how they function 

*Why many common diseases and illnesses occur and how Redox support can assist in their treatment and/or management